By each passing year, our cities are growing so is the traffic. There is a constant need to ensure traffic flows smoothly and the entire traffic system in secure, energy efficient and cost effective. LED Street lighting is helping this traffic management in big way. There is increasing demand for LED lighting in public transport. Also there is push from government to adopt smart and efficient LED Street Lighting. Due to this push , old filament bulbs are getting replaced with LED lights.

Deepan Power Solution is one of the well-know executors of Street Lighting. We offer low maintenance LED Street Light Fittings with all types of Street light poles which illuminates the roads and streets completely and can be erected on the edge or walkway of the road.

These street lighting are very effective during night time. The wiring of these lights is completely underground with armoured cables. We are also leading service provider of Street Lighting Service. `

These services comprise of installation and erection of electrical poles for laying lighting network. These services are available at minimal price plans and rates and are completed in time bound manner. The offered services are very comprehensive and end to end covered from design to light fitting.

Our salient features of our Street Lighting Services –

  • Rendered by the experts 
  • On time completion 
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Bright illumination
  • Longer functional life
  • Less heat dissipation 
  • Economical and easy availability of LED lights